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Phlona Williams

Family Advocate Specialist

Phlona standing outdoors near trees


(217) 265-5167


510 Devonshire Dr.

Champaign, IL. 61820

Office Suite: H


Phlona’s current job duties include functioning in the role of a subject matter expert and consultant to ensure the voice and choice of the client/parent by training the family peer support staff in how to teach parents to be self-advocates for themselves and their children. This includes developing training curriculum, training the trainer (which the trainer for the parents is the Family Peer Support Staff) and being a means of reference and support to staff. She has a Bachelor’s of Social Work Degree and her Master’s level studies have been in Industrial and Organizational Development with a focus on Business Consultant. She has an extensive background in the field of social services from mental health, to therapeutic foster care services, parent-child reunification, truancy services, case management, program management, family advocacy, senior services, Medicaid, Medicaid Waiver and Medicare services (for senior support). She has management, training, marketing, and business development experience as well, all within the field.

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