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Research Interview: Black Foster Parents in Central Illinois

Share your experiences and help improve the care of Black children.


Currently caring for or (recently cared for in the past 12 months) at least one Black child (or multirace including Black race) aged 517 placed in your home by DCFS or your agency in Central Illinois.

What’s Involved:

  • Confidential interview about an hour to 90 minutes (in-person local to your residence/community or video conference call)
  • $60 electronic gift code from (faster and more secure option) OR $60 Walmart gift card for interview participation (One $60 incentive per household.)
  • Interviews are recorded and transcripts remove any identifying information to keep your information confidential.

Interested in participating?

More information

About the study team

The study team has former foster parents, community members, people specializing in foster care, and researchers from local universities. We collaborate with DCFS, but we are not employed by DCFS or any foster care agency.

Questions about the study?

Contact: Dr. Robin LaSota
Director, Office of Translational Research
DCFS Office of Research and Child Well-being
Champaign, IL 61820
Office Phone: (217) 300-7559
Alternate phone: (312) 350-3208

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