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HEALS Scholar Award Recipients and Agencies

Recipients and Agencies Names

2020-2021 HEALS Scholars (YEAR 6)

Becky Diamond (MSW)
Briana Sullivan (MSW)
Victoria Cisneros (BSW)
Michael Kosinski (BSW)

2019-2020 HEALS Scholars (YEAR 5)

Mary Adams (MSW)
Tessa Reid (MSW)
Stefanie Kim (BSW)
Kayla Janssen (BSW)

2018-2019 HEALS Scholars (YEAR 4)

Claudia Arruela (MSW)
Ellen Curtin (MSW)
Kelsey Barnett (BSW)
Caitlyn Schneeman (BSW)

2017-2018 HEALS Scholars (year 3)

Abigail (Abby) Lee (BSW)
Nancy Perez-Flores (BSW)
Ramey Sola (MSW)
Jacqueline Bingham (MSW)

2016-2017 HEALS Scholars (year 2)

Ally Gore, BSW student
Donzell Lampkins, MSW student
Humna Shahid, BSW student
Patricia Starks, MSW student

2015-2016 HEALS Scholars (year 1)

Erin Hageman, MSW student
Elizabeth Flanders, MSW student
Caroline Quintanilla, BSW student
Jennifer Terry, BSW student

HEALS Field Instructors/Mentors

Mary Lou Bedient, MSW, MA, LCSW  (2015-2017)
J.T. Brown, MSW, LCSW (2017-2018)
Denise Childress, LCSW (2017-2018)
Candi Gray, MSW, LCSW, OSW-C (2016-2017)
Brittany Trabaris, MSW, LCSW (2016-2017)
Margie Hamworth, MSW, LCSW (2017-2018)
Michele Heil, MSW, LCSW (2016-2017)
Kimberly Harden, MSW, LCSW (2015-2016)
Brynn Howard, MSW, LCSW (2015-2016)
Bevin Page, BSW (2015-2016)
Julie Pryde, MSW, MPH (2018-2020)
Kathy Rhoads, LCSW (2017-2018)
Annie Seltzer, LCSW, CSW-G (2018-2019)

HEALS Approved Field Placement Sites

Carle Foundation Hospital (2015-present)
Carle Foundation Hospital Cancer Center (2015-present)
Carle Foundation Hospital Hospice & Home Care (2015-present)
Champaign County Public Health Department (2017-present)
Circle of Friends (2017-present)
Clark-Linsdey, Urbana, IL (2016-present)
Community Cancer Center, Normal, IL (2017-present)
Illinois Division of Specialized Care for Children (2015-present)
Northwestern Memorial Hospital (2018-2019)
Presence Center for Healthy Living/Faith in Action (2015-present)
VA Illiana Health Care System, Danville, IL (2016-present)


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