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Alice Dye, MSW ’11, is One of First Two Social Workers to Become Manager-level in Advocate Healthcare

March 04, 2024

Alice Dye headshot

Alice Dye, MSW '11, becomes one of first two Social Workers in Advocate Healthcare to be promoted to Manager-level position

Alice Dye is a MSW 2011 alum who is making new strides in leadership in healthcare. Based out of the western part of Chicago, she has become of the first two Social Workers in Advocate Healthcare, a large Chicago healthcare system, to be promoted to manager-level following a recent policy change.

Alice now works as a Manager of Care Management at Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital, which was named among the top 100 hospitals in the nation in 2023.

“In 2011, when I graduated with my MSW, I knew I wanted to be in Medical Social Work,” Alice says. “It was a decision that was solidified during my internship at Advocate Condell Medical Center. I was fortunate enough to be hired on after my internship and I have been within the Advocate Aurora Healthcare system since.

I started as a Medical Social Worker and gained experience in all areas of the hospital. I then became the Coordinator of Social Work, the first leadership type position available to Social Workers in the hospital system, and began working with policy/procedure, schedules, orientation, and education. While I loved what I was doing and remained passionate about helping others, I was also beginning to love orientation and managing complex situation and scenarios.

Healthcare is ever changing, and it is important to be able to roll with the changing tides. I thrived on the change and enjoyed process improvement and encouraging others as the change was occurring around us. Another change came about this year, where for the first time, Social Workers were allowed to be part of the management team at Advocate. Social Workers are being recognized as leaders and valuable members of the team. Once a position was available, I decided to apply for it.

I am proud to say that I was promoted to Manager of Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital in February 2024. It is one of my greatest accomplishments and I cannot wait for what the year will bring for myself and the team! I cannot thank University of Illinois enough for the education, opportunities, and experiences I received that have led me to this point!”

We offer our congratulations to Alice Dye for this exciting step in her career.

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