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Schneider Selected for the William T. Grant Scholars Class of 2026

April 28, 2021

image of Schneider standing with arms crossed in front of purple wall and canvases

Early-career researchers

William Schneider is one of five early-career researchers selected for the William T. Grant Scholars Class of 2026. The William T. Grant Scholars Program seeks to contribute to a bright new generation of scholars who will bring rigorous research to youth policies, programs, and practices in the U.S. Scholars receive $350,000 to execute rigorous five-year research plans that stretch their skills and knowledge into new disciplines, content areas, or methods.

Schneider will study how housing and income support policies reduce or prevent child maltreatment, particularly child neglect, among families facing economic hardship and link individuals from Illinois administrative child welfare data to data from the Chicago sites of three rigorous pre-existing employment and housing experiments.

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