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SSWR National Conference Presenters

January 04, 2023

conference table with laptop and mircrophone

UIUC SSW Presenters:

Thursday, January 12, 2023

1:30- 3:00 PM

Janet M. Liechty, Vanessa L. Parker, Michael Kosinski, Chelsie Zajac, Gayle Lewis, Manabu Nakamura, Nouf Alfouzan, Jin Yu, Ashleigh Oliveira, Mindy Lee: Implementing an Interprofessional, Enhanced Psychosocial Approach to Weight Loss: The Empower Program. Laveen A (Sheraton Phoenix Downtown)

Hyunil Kim, Brett Drake: Has the Relationship between Community Child Poverty and Child Maltreatment Report Rates Become Stronger or Weaker over Time? Cave Creek (Sheraton Phoenix Downtown)

David Ansong, Emmanuel Owusu Amoako, Jamal Appiah-Kubi, M.Phil, Moses Okumu: 45P Teacher’s Role in Shaping Student Homework Behavior and Academic Progress Toward Successful High-Stakes Examinations. Phoenix A/B (Sheraton Phoenix Downtown)

Thursday, Jan 12, 3:15 – 4:45PM

Qihao ZhanHeidi Adams Rueda, Lela WilliamsDeaven Rodriguez: Career, Education, and Family Planning: The Central Role of Financial Aspiration to Mexican American Adolescents’ Goals. Valley of the Sun D (Sheraton Phoenix Downtown)

Friday, January 13, 2023

9:45- 11:15 AM

Jeanna Campbell, Tiffany Laursen, Jenna Mahoney, Kevin Tan, Durriyyah Kemp: Differences in Parenting Perspectives on Youth Identity, Socioemotional Well-Being and Contemporary Social Events across Different Racial/Ethnic Groups. Encanto A (Sheraton Phoenix Downtown)

Tiffany Laursen, Jeanna Campbell, Jenna Mahoney, Kevin Tan, Durriyyah Kemp: Rage or Silence? Comparing Perspectives on Youth’s Socioemotional Well-Being before and after the January 6th, 2021 Capitol Insurrection. Encanto A (Sheraton Phoenix Downtown)

Jenna Mahoney, Jeanna Campbell, Tiffany Laursen, Kevin Tan, Durriyyah Kemp, Bo-Kyung Elizabeth Kim. Racial Healing As Prevention for K-12 Educators, Parents, and Youth: Voices from Healing Illinois on Socioemotional Well-Being. Encanto A (Sheraton Phoenix Downtown)

2:00- 3:30 PM

Janet M. Liechty, Rachel Garthe, Anna-Sigrid Keck, Andrea Harris. Examining Longitudinal Patterns in Interprofessional Attitudes and Competencies Among MSW Students: Trajectories of Learning before, during, and after 2-Semester Full-Time Field Placements. Valley of the Sun B (Sheraton Phoenix Downtown).

Wan-Jung (Wendy) Hsieh, Ciwang Teyra: Posttraumatic Growth (PTG) Following Racial Discrimination Trauma Among Urban Indigenous Young Adults. Ahwatukee A (Sheraton Phoenix Downtown)

Rachel Garthe, Simon Mwima, Shongha Kim, Apoorva Nag, David Mowry: 243P (see Poster Gallery) An Examination of County-Level and Geographical Factors in Relation to Violence Prevention and Intervention Efforts Among Service Providers. Phoenix A/B (Sheraton Phoenix Downtown)

Tina Jiwatram-Negron, Melissa Meinhart, Qihao Zhan, Malorie Ward, Danil Nikitin, Louisa Gilbert: Associations between Different Types of Intimate Partner Violence and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Among Women Who Use Drugs and Alcohol in Central Asia. Phoenix C (Sheraton Phoenix Downtown)

3:45- 5:15 PM

Moses Okumu, Catherine Naluwende Nafula, David Ansong, Isaac Koomson: 281P Mapping the Spatial Variability of Adverse Childhood Experiences and Their Associations with HIV Vulnerabilities Among Adolescents in Uganda. Phoenix A/B (Sheraton Phoenix Downtown)

Anissa Chitwanga: 292P The Psychological and Mental Health Impact of Blesser Slay Queen Relationships on Women and Their Families: A Scoping Review. Phoenix A/B (Sheraton Phoenix Downtown)

Jelena Todic, Charles Leah, Candace Christensen, Alexis Jemal, Liliane Windsor: Re-Envisioning Social Work Science As Praxis to Eliminate Structural Racism and Grow Life-Affirming Worlds (Laveen A)

Simon Mwima, Eusebius Small, Bonita Sharma, Moses Okumu, Jennifer Evans, Agnes Nzomene, Ramirez Xavy: 307P: Social Influences on HIV Services Engagement Among Adolescents Experiencing HIV Stigma and Discrimination in Uganda. Poster Gallery. Phoenix A/B (Sheraton Phoenix Downtown)

Sondra Fogel, Lissette Piedra, Susan Robbins, Jennifer Zelnick, Sara Goodkind, and Mimi Kim: 140 Invited Journal Editors’ Workshop II: Forum on Publishing Qualitative Research. Paradise Valley (Sheraton Phoenix Downtown)

5:30- 7:00 PM

Rogério Meireles Pinto, Carol Lee, Vitalis Im, Evan Hall, Sunggeun Park: The Impact and Responses to Disruptions to HIV Services Due to the COVID Pandemic: A State-Level Stakeholder Perspective. Desert Sky (Sheraton Phoenix Downtown)

Moses Okumu, Cedrick Joseph Wabwire, David Ansong, Isaac Koomson, Eusebius Small: 340P The Association between Co-Occurrence of Adolescent Digital Dating Victimization and Perpetration on Sexual Risk Practices Among Central Ugandan Adolescents. Phoenix A/B (Sheraton Phoenix Downtown)

Jina Ryoo, EunJee Song: 346P Examining Changes in Social Relationships and Life Satisfaction during the COVID-19 Pandemic in South Korea. Phoenix A/B (Sheraton Phoenix Downtown)

Judith Havlicek: 352P The Experience of Independent Living Among Former Foster Youth: Breaking the Cycle. Phoenix A/B (Sheraton Phoenix Downtown)

8:15-10:15 PM

SSW Reception, Estrella Room, 2nd Level, Sheraton Phoenix

Saturday, January 14, 2023

8:00 AM-9:30 AM

Eunsun Kwon, Eojin Shin, Sojung Park, Seoyeon Ahn, Soobin Park: Work-Family Life Course Patterns and Health in Later Life. Hospitality 2 – Room 444 (Sheraton Phoenix Downtown)

Rachel Garthe, Nicole Allen, Shongha Kim, Breana Griffin, Matthew Saxsma: 450P (see Poster Gallery) Stalking and Cyberstalking Among Students at a Large, Midwestern University: Implications for Prevention Programs & Campus Responses. Phoenix A/B (Sheraton Phoenix Downtown)

Jeehae Kang, Chi-Fang Wu: 451P The Impact of Employment Assistance Programs on Job Insecurity in South Korea. Phoenix A/B (Sheraton Phoenix Downtown)

Jenna Mahoney, Aaron Thompson, Kevin Tan, Leticia Villarreal Sosa, Andy Frey, Brenda Lindsey: 210: Charting an Agenda for School-Based Research in Racial Equity, Social Justice, and Pandemic Recovery Around the Framework for 21st Century School Social Work Practice. Maryvale A (Sheraton Phoenix Downtown)

9:45 AM-11:15 AM

Soohyun Yoon, Chi-Fang Wu: 485P Debt, Welfare, and Child Development Among Low-Income Families. Phoenix A/B (Sheraton Phoenix Downtown)

Eunsun Kwon, Sojung Park, Jiyoung Kang, Eojin Shin, Seoyeon Ahn: 510P: Increased Mental Health Problems after the Lifting of COVID-19 Lockdown Among Low-Income Workers in the United States. Phoenix A/B (Sheraton Phoenix Downtown).

Edson Chipalo, Simon Mwima: 484P Factors Associated with Living in Public Housing Among Refugees in the United States. Phoenix A/B (Sheraton Phoenix Downtown)

4:00 PM-5:30 PM

Xia Yu Chen, Jennifer M. Evans, Simon Mwima, Dora Watkins, Moses Okumu: 518P: Digital Technology Use Among Older Adults in the U.S.: What Has Changed Since the COVID-19 Outbreak? Poster Gallery. Phoenix A/B (Sheraton Phoenix Downtown).

Flavia Andrade, Xia Yu Chen: Caregiving for Adults in Aging Brazil: Findings from the Latest National Study. Ahwatukee B (Sheraton Phoenix Downtown)

Judith Havlicek: Former Foster Youth’s Experiences of Cumulative Adversity before and during Foster Care: A Narrative Approach to Co-Constructing Ways of Knowing about Life Histories & Hardship. Encanto A (Sheraton Phoenix Downtown)

Sunday, January 15, 2023

8:00 AM-9:30 AM

Xia Yu Chen, Kang Sun: 601P (see Poster Gallery) New Trends in Studying the Mental Health of Chinese Rural Old Adults: Tracing 22 Years of Research with a Bibliometric Analysis. Phoenix A/B (Sheraton Phoenix Downtown)

9:45 AM-11:15 AM

Rachel Garthe, Shongha Kim, Madisyn Welsh, Sarah Aronson, Alexis Krones, Jennea Bivens-Klingenberg: 625P: Cyber-Victimization and Mental Health Among Middle School Students before and during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Phoenix A/B (Sheraton Phoenix Downtown)

Natasha Bowen, Kristina Webber, Kate Wegmann, Kaltum Ahmed: Reducing the Academic Harm of Stereotype Threat for African American Middle School Students. Camelback B (Sheraton Phoenix Downtown)

Minal Manisha, William Schneider: 637P Exploring the Relationship between Maternal Non-Standard Working Hours and Television Viewing Among Children. Phoenix A/B (Sheraton Phoenix Downtown)

11:30 AM- 1:00 PM

Liliane Windsor, Ellen Benoit, Rogerio M. Pinto, Douglas Smith, Carol Lee, Letitia McBride: Using Critical Consciousness As a Framework to Empower Men with Histories of Incarceration to Improve Their Health in the Health of Their Communities. Encanto B (Sheraton Phoenix Downtown).

Carol Lee, Dora Watkins, Darris Hawkins, Alexis Jemal, Liliane Windsor: Critical Dialogue: Developing Critical Consciousness through Reflection. Encanto B (Sheraton Phoenix Downtown)

Ellen Benoit, Liliane Windsor, Dora Watkins, Letitia McBride, Mishal Khan: “without Critical Consciousness, How Could You Move on?” Critical Consciousness and Recovery Among Formerly Incarcerated Men in Newark, NJ. Encanto B (Sheraton Phoenix Downtown)

Dora Watkins, Richmond Hayes, Ellen Benoit, Darris Hawkins, Alexis Jemal: Capacity Building Projects: Developing Critical Consciousness through Action. Encanto B (Sheraton Phoenix Downtown)

David Ansong, Emmanuel Owusu Amoako, Jamal Appiah-Kubi, Mphil, Moses Okumu, Isaac Koomson, Solomon Achulo: Understanding the Causal Link between Supplementary Tutoring Expenditures and Learning Outcomes. Hospitality 1 – Room 443 (Sheraton Phoenix Downtown)

Melissa Iverson, Michael Dentato, Maria V Wathen, Nathan Perkins: The Influence of Funder-Mandated Performance Metrics and Social Justice Implications for Service Delivery Among Marginalized Communities. Valley of the Sun B (Sheraton Phoenix Downtown)

Carmen Logie, Moses Okumu, Lina Taing, Robert Hakiza, Isha Berry: Water and Food Insecurity and Associations with Disrupted Sexual and Reproductive Health Care Access in the COVID-19 Pandemic: Mixed Methods Findings with Urban Refugee Youth in Kampala, Uganda. South Mountain (Sheraton Phoenix Downtown)

*BOLD is noted as presenting author
*SSW member names are underlined when the presenting author is not in SSW



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