Master of Social Work

Choices. We all like choices in life. And our MSW program gives you many good career options to choose from.

We Offer Three Programs

  1. Advanced Standing Program – Allows you to enroll directly in advanced and concentrated coursework if you meet certain criteria, including receiving a bachelor’s degree in social work within the past 7 years. The Advanced Standing Program is offered in the MSW Campus and Outreach Programs.
  2. MSW Campus Program – Offers full- or part-time coursework on the Urbana-Champaign campus. The MSW Campus Program is open to Advanced Standing students as well as students with undergraduate degrees in other fields.
  3. MSW Outreach Program – Enables you to work full-time while pursuing your graduate degree through blended and online coursework, and eventually through a one-semester commitment (typically one day a week) on campus and a two-semester internship in your home community.  The MSW Outreach Program is open to Advanced Standing students as well as students with undergraduate degrees in other fields.

Visit the Enrollment Options page for a more detailed description of these programs.

Five Areas of Concentration

Our MSW program prepares you for advanced social work practice and for research in public and private agencies in five areas of concentration:

  1. Leadership and Social Change
  2. Children, Youth, and Family Services
  3. Mental Health
  4. Health Care
  5. School Social Work

Degree Requirements

A total of 9 to 14 courses plus an internship are required for the Master of Social Work. Each class is worth four hours of graduate credit. If you have earned a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) from an accredited social work program within the past seven years, you are considered to have met the foundation coursework requirements and, therefore, have 9 courses to complete and a one semester internship. For students who do not have a BSW, there is a 14 course requirement and a two-semester internship. The internship occurs near the end of the program and must be completed in your area of concentration.

Complete information on all degree requirements for our graduate programs is listed on the UIUC Programs of Study website, found by clicking the button below.

Degree Requirements