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BSW Scholarships

Through the generosity of donors to the School of Social Work who believe in the potential each student has to make a difference in our communities, we are pleased to offer the following scholarships in support of students pursuing the Bachelors of Social Work (BSW) degree.

Table of BSW Scholarships

Below you will find brief descriptions of each scholarship. Scholarship amounts are also listed, but please note that these are estimates and are subject to change.

Students may apply by using the online application. Only one application is needed for consideration for all scholarships. Applications will be screened to determine eligibility for each award. The 2024-2025 application details will be available by August 1, 2024. Please ensure that your application includes all necessary components, as incomplete applications will not be considered. While not all awards require letters of support or writing samples, all students are encouraged to provide these additional materials to support their applications. Letters of support can be uploaded via this online form.

Scholarship Requirements Amount
Gary Shaffer BSW Memorial Scholarship Awarded to a deserving BSW student committed to the social work profession, with preference given to those with interest in school social work and/or public child welfare systems and practice. TBD
Wynne S. Korr Scholarship Awarded to a BSW or iBSW student with preference given to incoming freshman or transfer students who generally have the most significant unmet financial need. TBD
John K. Gibson and Nancy L. White-Gibson Scholarship Awarded to a deserving BSW or MSW student who has demonstrated commitment to any of the following areas: social justice, restorative justice, civil rights, and/or experience working with marginalized persons. A letter of support is required from a person familiar with your interests and experience as they relate to the above. Examples include (but are not limited to) a member of the faculty or staff at the School of Social Work, or a social work professional from the community. TBD
Susan & Michael Haney Social Work Scholarship Awarded to current sophomore or junior BSW students who are passionate about continuing their studies in the field of social work. Recipient will be selected based upon academic achievement, financial need, volunteer service, leadership experience, work history, and a demonstrated passion for social justice. Funding is awarded the following academic year when the recipient will be entering their junior or senior year of study. TBD
Yvonne Gilmore Scholarship in Social Work Awarded to a deserving undergraduate student with preference given to those possessing a minimum 2.5 grade point average (GPA) on a 4.0 scale and a demonstrable record of involvement in the community. Strong preference for candidates that promote diversity within the School. TBD
Jim and Joanna Dudley Scholarship Awarded to a deserving BSW or MSW student, with preference given to those interested in social work at the macro practice level to address and overcome such problems as poverty, discrimination, poor health, and hopelessness in the lives of others. Not available 23-24 AY
Becca Nimmer Marcus Scholarship Awarded to a deserving BSW or MSW student with a strong interest in the field of mental health. Academic merit and financial need will also be considered in the selection process. TBD
Esther and Marvin Steinberg Memorial Scholarship Awarded to a deserving student with preference given to those that have experienced being homeless, or have worked with homeless and/or hunger-related issues. Additional consideration given to students who demonstrate future plans to work with homeless populations and/or persons experiencing food insecurity. TBD
Dr. Hong Li Memorial Scholarship Awarded to a deserving School of Social Work student with preference given to students who demonstrate an interest in working with and/or researching aging and aging populations. TBD
Dr. Jan Carter-Black Scholarship for Commitment to Diversity and Leadership Fund Awarded to a deserving SW student who demonstrates high academic achievement, a commitment to the School and the campus community through invovlement and leadership, and a commitment to diversity through research or practice. Letter of support required. TBD
Youngsoon Park Scholarship for Social Work Awarded to BSW or MSW students who are passionate and committed to improving the well-being of the Korean American community in the United States. Preference given to students who are conversationally bi-lingual in English and Korean languages and/or have demonstrated financial need. Further preference shall be given to students who have made ongoing efforts to learn and serve the Korean American community, such as independent study or volunteer experience in the Korean American community, and students participating in a study abroad program in Korea through the University. TBD

BSW Award Description and Requirements

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