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PhD Scholarships

Through the generosity of donors to the School of Social Work who believe in the potential each student has to make a difference in our communities, we are pleased to offer the following scholarships in support of students pursuing a doctoral degree (PhD) in social work.

PhD Scholarships

Below you will find brief descriptions of each scholarship. Scholarship amounts are also listed, but please note that these are estimates and are subject to change.

Students may apply by using the online application. Only one application is needed for consideration for all scholarships. Applications will be screened to determine eligibility for each award. The 2024-2025 application details will be available by August 1, 2024. Please ensure that your application includes all necessary components, as incomplete applications will not be considered. While not all awards require letters of support or writing samples, all students are encouraged to provide these additional materials to support their applications. Letters of support can be uploaded via this online form.

Scholarship Requirements Amount
Ackerson Scholarship for Excellence in Student Teaching Awarded to a deserving student who has demonstrated outstanding commitment to teaching during the pursuit of a doctoral degree. Letter of support required from SSW faculty, peer doctoral students, or students of the applicant. TBD
Cynthia J. Bell, PhD Memorial Scholarship Awarded to a deserving doctoral student with demonstrated interest in research related to child welfare and/or law. TBD
Daniel S. Sanders Scholarship in International Social Development Awarded to deserving doctoral students with a research focus on international social development. Preference given to international students. TBD
Ernie Gullerud Dissertation Scholarship Awarded to deserving doctoral students who are ready to defend their dissertation. Must have successfully completed any qualifying exams and passed their dissertation proposal hearing. TBD
International Studies Dissertation Scholarship Awarded to an international doctoral student who is in the dissertation writing stage. All other components of the doctoral degree must be completed for consideration, including coursework, qualifying exams, and proposal defense. Preference given to students whose research focuses on social work or social development issues in a developing country. If no highly regarded student meeting these criteria is at the dissertation stage in a given year, a student meeting the criteria above and studying either international or domestic poverty issues may be considered. TBD
John Poertner PhD Scholarship in Child Welfare Awarded to deserving doctoral students specializing in child welfare. TBD
Dr. Hong Li Memorial Scholarship Awarded to a deserving School of Social Work student with preference given to students who demonstrate an interest in working with and/or researching aging and aging populations. TBD
Dr. Jan Carter-Black Scholarship for Commitment to Diversity and Leadership Fund Awarded to a deserving SW student who demonstrates high academic achievement, a commitment to the School and the campus community through invovlement and leadership, and a commitment to diversity through research or practice. Letter of support required. TBD

PhD Scholarships and Requirements

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