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What is the Community Learning Lab? Watch the video above to learn more.

Project proposals for the Spring 2017 semester can be submitted by clicking the “Apply Now” button below.

There may be limited opportunities for Summer 2017 to partner with students, classes, and student groups.  We will contact you if we have an opportunity to match you.

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The Community Learning Lab (CLL) was formed to create and support relationships between the community and the classrooms at the University of Illinois School of Social Work in a partnership that is mutually beneficial in the areas of growth, education, and service.

While addressing the areas of research, development, and service, the goals of the CLL are to:

  • PARTNER with agencies to produce outcomes that will enable them to enrich the services they provide, show the impact of their services, and maintain sustainability.
  • PROVIDE students with valuable hands on experience and an opportunity to walk away with a sense of accomplishment from their contributions at a community level.
  • ENABLE instructors to enhance their curriculums and serve vulnerable populations by overseeing the projects.

The CLL was started with grant support from the  University of Illinois Office of Public Engagement.

Community groups are encouraged to apply to the CLL with service-learning project proposals at the beginning of each semester. We will work with faculty to find an appropriate match and make a concerted effort to facilitate as many partnerships as possible between agencies and classes.


  • COMMUNITY PARTNERS: Submit projects that fulfill your agency’s needs. Contribute to the learning opportunities of University of Illinois students. Grow as a professional through mentoring and supervision.
  • STUDENTS: Apply classroom learning to real life situations. Become more marketable and begin professional networking. Become an active, committed member of the community.
  • INSTRUCTORS: Assignments turn into a transformative learning experience. Students connect the dots between academics and real life. Classroom conversations become more engaging and meaningful.


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